Am I required to buy a lot from a specific builder?

The short answer is No. Fifth Avenue Estates holds the lots, and you purchase directly from us. Although there are builders who have purchased lots, and you may at your own option buy from them, it is not required.

Are there restrictions as to who I might hire to build my house?

We don’t have any restrictions regarding trades. You may hire anyone you wish to build your house for you.

I would like to buy a lot. What is the first step?

The first step would be to contact us. We would love to set up a meeting with you to discuss options face to face. We would also request that you read the Design Control Guidelines so that you have a good idea what we are trying to accomplish here.

Do I need to get a survey, or do you supply one?

We require that prior to starting your project, you arrange for a survey from a registered surveyor in the Province of Manitoba, and supply us with one copy. We typically use Keystone Surveys from Steinbach. Their number is (204) 326-2117.

The developer put up a fence on my neighbour’s yard. Do I get one too?

We do certain amounts of fencing as required by our Development Agreement with the Town of Niverville. Unfortunately we can’t put up fencing for everyone. We would, however, be happy to supply you with the name of our contractor any time. Also, please refer to the design control guidelines for further information on fence requirements.

I’m a builder and would like to reserve 8 lots so I can build on them over the next couple of years.

You are more than welcome to do this, but due to the amount of interest in available lots we do require that all lots are purchased outright up front. We also require the builds to start within 1 year of purchase.