Niverville is a small, but rapidly growing town in the province of Manitoba. It is located about 30 kilometers south of Winnipeg. In the past Niverville has primarily been a farming community, but has experienced a large influx of people moving from the city to raise their families outside of “big city” influence. This migration has made Niverville one of the youngest and fastest growing communities in Manitoba. The town is located at the crossing of Provincial Road 311 and the CPR Emerson Rail line, between Provincial Highways 75 and 59. Niverville’s population as of the 2011 census was 3450, up 43.7% from 2006. You can read more about the history of Niverville here.

Health Services

The Niverville Primary Health Care Centre is a full service facility located within the Niverville Heritage Centre Complex on 2nd Street South. The Medical Clinic offers appointments as well as walk-in hours. Complimentary services are available onsite, including mental health workers, social workers, physiotherapists, dental services and others. Additional services are available throughout the community, including chiropractic, massage and others. A full service fitness and dance centre is located on the east end of Main Street.


The community is located within Hanover School Division, and has 2 schools, one from Kindergarten to grade 5, and another from grade 6-12. The Niverville Co-operative Preschool offers transition preschool for ages 3-5, and is located in the Elementary School. If French Immersion is desired, access is available to both the immersion programs im Ile des ChĂȘnes or St. Adolphe, bussing is available Ecole Heritage Immersion in St. Pierre-Jolys. The DSFM program also has regular bussing throughout the town to a variety of schools. Following High School, extension courses are offered via the Eastman Campus in Steinbach, for both university and college courses. Providence Bible College is located 8 miles south in the town of Otterburne, and offers a combination of college accredited courses and seminary classes.

Daycare is available within the community from both licensed and unlicensed sources. A larger licensed daycare that includes infant and after school programs is located in the Niverville Heritage Centre. Below is a list of current daycare sources in the community.Please contact us to have your daycare added to the list.

  • Bobby Jo Bruce – Little Wrangler Daycare, 15 Maplewood. Phone: 388-9095
  • Growing Minds Daycare, 111 Heritage Trail. Phone: 388-5450

Faith and Spiritual

The community has a large faith base with a variety of services found throughout the 6 churches within the town. Additionally there is a community prayer room located on Main street with support services to those who are interested.